Welcome to Kiboko Lodge!

Magnificently situated at the border of Arusha National Park, Kiboko Lodge is the perfect base to start or end your safari in Tanzania. It is a beautiful place to enjoy the peaceful surroundings, the rich bird life and the stunning nature.

Kiboko Lodge is the first lodge in the world run by former street children, except the managers. The lodge accommodation is part of the Watoto Foundation. This means that an important part of the profit made by the lodge is donated to the Watoto Foundation centres to directly benefit the projects that give these children a better future.

Visit this unique lodge. Be surprised by the warm hospitality of the staff and residents, and the real life of rural Africa.

Your visit is their future!

Waking up in the WF Kiboko Lodge with the sounds of the birds and 'kibokos' was a great experience!

- Anita